Bradford Islamic Community Centre

Welcoming the Muslim Community of Bradford

The Bradford Islamic Community Centre is a Muslim Community Centre in Simcoe County, Bradford, Ontario, Canada. The first Friday Prayer took place on November 21, 2014.
The center started at the Bradford Leisure Centre and then grew to a larger facility in 136 HOLLAND ST E UNIT # 8 BRADFORD, ON L3Z 1G4.
The purpose of the center is to give Muslims a place for prayer and prostration.  A place where Muslims can stand shoulder to shoulder, unite in their love for Allah and their desire to please Him.
The total commitment to character-building based on the ideals of Islamic ethics is the highest goal of Islamic education.
Building Islamic values in children with correct principles is a holy obligation for parents and society. Abdul Tibawi wrote in 1972, the mind of a child was believed to be “like a white clean paper, once anything is written on it, right or wrong, it will be difficult to erase it or superimpose new writing upon it”.

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    The Bradford Islamic Community Centre started in The Bradford Leisure Centre in November 2014. Only Friday prayers were read. The new location was thoroughly cleaned and fixed to make it suitable for prayer purposes as well as other activities such as teaching classes.
    Present Facilities
    The Bradford Islamic Community Centre is still in its preliminary stage. Volunteers are working together to share their ideas of how to build the centre to meet the needs of the Muslim community. At present, the centre consists of:
    ● A Prayer Hall plus Library● Restrooms and Ablution Facilities● Ample Parking Space
    Current Services
    ● Islamic School Education● Quran Classes● Ramadan Nightly Taraweeh Prayers● Weekly Friday Congregational Prayer (Jummah)● Annual Eid Prayers and Get Togethers